With Endurance to Defeat Obstacles and Challenges, we’ll Achieve, Realize, and be Empowered

WRAL David Crabtree interviews Anne Showalter, Founder and CEO of Veterans Entering Transition with Amanda Guin


VETERANS ENTERING TRANSITION (V.E.T.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to empowering exiting military, veterans with the tools to create healthy family lives, supportive community environments and fulfilling careers. We accomplish our mission by building a consortium of specialized resources designed to address the most critical unaddressed challenges facing veterans as they enter the civilian world. We are creating new pathways for our military community by infusing purpose, passion, and mission into their lives for a well-rounded transition.

Number of NC Veterans

North Carolina currently has  769,000 veterans  –  the 9th largest veteran population in the U.S.

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Job Search

7 out of 10 veterans claim FINDING a civilian job as their greatest challenge.

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Viable Workforce

Veterans are a proven source of talent and have an immediate impact and on a company’s bottom-line.

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One Purpose…One Passion…One Mission to serve those who served US